New COVID-19 learning resources available globally for free

eIntegrity has worked with NHS England elearning for healthcare (NHSE elfh) and London Transformation and Learning Collaborative (LTLC) to share free Coronavirus resources that can be accessed via the eIntegrity website.

The COVID-19 Critical Care LTLC healthcare elearning course aims to increase the resilience of workforce skills to cope with potential surges in critical care demand due to COVID-19.

It follows the global launch of NHSE’s free Coronavirus elearning programme in April 2020.

The COVID-19 Critical Care LTLC eIntegrity programme is based on the NHSE LTLC Adult Critical Care programme. This was established in summer 2020 to support the cross-skilling of the London NHS workforce in response to the Coronavirus pandemic and to prepare for the second surge and beyond.

The collection of educational material for learners and educators can be tailored to learners’ existing skill levels and current, or future, critical care roles. These include materials for elearning, face to face teaching, simulation and work-based placements, as well as personal development. 

For more information about the elearning programme and to access the full list of available sessions, visit the COVID-19 Critical Care LTLC programme page.