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Whatever your specialty, written by clinical experts at the UK’s royal colleges and NHS England, enhance your understanding and practice. World-class elearning, available to you, wherever you are in the world.

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Acute Medicine

ACUMEN, which covers all aspects of acute medical care, allows you to practise your skills in diagnosing and managing a whole host of conditions. It is aimed at clinical trainees specialising in acute medicine. The themes are relevant to trainees across the world.

£105.00 Excludes VAT where applicable.

Blood Transfusion

The Blood Transfusion Training (BTT) elearning programme supports the training of staff directly involved in the transfusion process and/or the management of patients requiring anti-D immunoglobulin prophylaxis.

£40.00 Excludes VAT where applicable.


e-Den covers the knowledge and skills needed to be a competent, caring dental practitioner.

£210.00 Excludes VAT where applicable.

eLaser ⁠— Laser Safety elearning Course

eLaser, our Laser Safety elearning course, is a high-quality, online learning resource that covers the Core of Knowledge syllabus – recommended by the UK Medical and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) as the minimum level of learning required by users of lasers, intense pulsed light and other optical radiation devices.

£105.00 Excludes VAT where applicable.

End of Life Care

This multidisciplinary elearning resource covers the knowledge and skills needed to deliver the highest quality care to people nearing the end of their lives. It is suitable for nurses, doctors, allied care professionals, care home workers and care agency staff anywhere in the world.

£105.00 Excludes VAT where applicable.

Endoscopy Training Course

This endoscopy course covers all the core areas of endoscopy that practitioners must understand to work safely and effectively in the field.

£40.00 Excludes VAT where applicable.


This world-class elearning resource helps newly qualified doctors to develop the skills, understanding and attitudes to become proficient and caring medical practitioners. It is relevant to clinicians across the world.

£105.00 Excludes VAT where applicable.

General Practitioners

e-GP is a high-quality educational resource that is suitable for family medicine practitioners working anywhere in the world. The content is relevant to fully qualified practitioners and trainees.

£105.00 Excludes VAT where applicable.

Genomics Education

The genomics education elearning programme is a collection of elearning courses developed to support and educate healthcare professionals about genomic medicine and the benefit it will bring to patient care.

£25.00 Excludes VAT where applicable.

Geriatric Medicine (MCE)

The Geriatric Medicine elearning programme is a selection of online media to help health & care staff to provide better care for older people.

£40.00 Excludes VAT where applicable.

Intensive Care Medicine Course

This comprehensive online intensive care medicine course covers the knowledge and skills needed for a successful career in intensive care medicine (ICM).

£105.00 Excludes VAT where applicable.

Medical Examiner (MEX)

The Medical Examiner (MEX) elearning programme is an engaging online learning course supporting medical examiners, medical examiner officers and those involved in death certification.

£40.00 Excludes VAT where applicable.

Musculoskeletal (MSK) primary care elearning course

The Musculoskeletal (MSK) primary care elearning course gives healthcare professionals the essential knowledge & skills to be First Contact Practitioners (FCP) in a primary care environment.

£35.00 Excludes VAT where applicable.

Online Dermatology Course

e-dermatology provides an interactive online dermatology course in skin health and disease. It is aimed at trainee dermatologists but it is also invaluable for general practitioners, nurses and other qualified healthcare professionals anywhere in the world.

£105.00 Excludes VAT where applicable.

Online Surgery Course

eSurgery is an online surgery course that helps to develop the basic knowledge and skills required of a surgeon.

£90.00 Excludes VAT where applicable.

Ophthalmology Course & Online Training

Eye-Site provides a high-quality ophthalmology course for trainee ophthalmologists and qualified staff in the UK and around the world.

£105.00 Excludes VAT where applicable.


The Paediatric elearning Programme is designed to help healthcare professionals develop their skills and expertise in caring for children and young adults. It is particularly suited to paediatricians, paediatric advanced nursing practitioners, general practitioners, staff in emergency departments, and community healthcare workers. The content is used by trainees and fully qualified practitioners.

£35.00 Excludes VAT where applicable.


This high-quality professional development programme helps you to refresh, extend and update your knowledge and competencies as a paramedic.

£40.00 Excludes VAT where applicable.

Showing 1–18 of 20 results