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Antimicrobial Resistance elearning Course

How You Will Benefit from this Course

£15.00 Excludes VAT where applicable.

Cultural Competence

Having a greater awareness of a wide range of cultural beliefs can help healthcare professionals to meet the differing needs of patients and their families.

£23.00 Excludes VAT where applicable.

Data Security Awareness elearning Course

Written by the UK’s Top Clinical Specialists

£29.00 Excludes VAT where applicable.

Demand and Capacity elearning Course

The Demand and Capacity elearning course gives healthcare staff around the world the knowledge and skills to better understand demand and to plan sufficient capacity – ensuring patients do not have an unnecessary wait for treatment.

£35.00 Excludes VAT where applicable.

Environmentally Sustainable Healthcare (ESH)

The Environmentally Sustainable Healthcare (ESH) elearning programme provides health & care workers with an understanding of how healthcare contributes to climate change, why it matters and what the healthcare workforce can do to help.

£23.00 Excludes VAT where applicable.


This world-class elearning resource helps newly qualified doctors to develop the skills, understanding and attitudes to become proficient and caring medical practitioners. It is relevant to clinicians across the world.

£105.00 Excludes VAT where applicable.

Freedom to Speak Up elearning Course

The Freedom to Speak Up elearning course is an engaging, online training course explaining what “speaking up” is and why it is important in creating an environment in which healthcare professionals are supported to deliver their best.

£23.00 Excludes VAT where applicable.

Make Every Contact Count (MECC) elearning Course

The Make Every Contact Count (MECC) elearning course is an interactive online learning resource supporting you to develop the knowledge and understanding to make every contact count by asking others about their health and wellbeing.

£35.00 Excludes VAT where applicable.

Medical Mentoring elearning Course

The Medical Mentoring elearning course provides the knowledge and skills you need to become a mentor to doctors at all stages of their careers.

£29.00 Excludes VAT where applicable.

Safeguarding Adults

The safeguarding adults elearning programme defines the safeguarding knowledge, skills and attitudes required by staff working in health and care settings.  The programme covers the safeguarding competencies, levels 1 to 4, and additionally, has material relevant to hospital executives; the programme is split into these four levels.

£29.00 Excludes VAT where applicable.

Statutory and Mandatory Training

This high-quality elearning covers the 10 statutory and mandatory training topics for all staff who work in health and social care settings in the UK and is equally relevant to an international audience.

£55.00 Excludes VAT where applicable.

Step to Work

The Step to Work elearning programme support newly registered Allied Health Professionals (AHP) to transition between education and employment into a health and social care setting.

£0.00 Excludes VAT where applicable.

Showing all 12 results