Advanced Radiotherapy

Advanced Radiotherapy

Radiotherap-e covers the knowledge and practical skills required to implement advanced radiotherapy techniques safely and efficiently. It is suitable for fully qualified practitioners, including clinical oncologists, physicists, radiographers and dosimetrists, around the world.

Training in the latest radiotherapy techniques 

Accessible online, the programme is packed with interactive features, such as animations, video clips and self-assessment exercises, to reinforce learning on the complex principles involved. Step-by-step descriptions of practical procedures are given, alongside clinical examples. You can also compare techniques, equipment and protocols.

Practise your radiotherapy skills in a virtual environment

You can practise your skills using customised tools that simulate radiotherapy techniques, such as contouring, dose calculation and optimisation.

Clinical oncology

You can also purchase a separate pathway dedicated to clinical oncology. See the course content and buy it now sections below for details.

Radiotherap-e has been produced in the UK by The Royal College of Radiologists, the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine, the College of Radiographers and NHS England elearning for healthcare.

This online radiotherapy course is formally recognised and endorsed for continuing professional development by the UK College of Radiographers, one of the leading professional bodies in this field.

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Hello, my name is Li T Tan and I would like to welcome you to this section on the eIntegrity website which gives you details about radiotherapy.

The elearning program offering comprehensive training on the practice of advanced radiotherapy techniques.

The program was developed by the Royal College of Radiologists, the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine, and the Society and College of Radiographers, and offers more than 60 learning sessions.

You can learn at your own pace, and the program includes formative assessments with feedback so that you can test your understanding of the content as you progress through the course.

Do take a look at the information available on the eIntegrity website, especially our practical radiotherapy planning tools.

There are also details on how you can register for the program.

I really hope that you will join the many hundreds of healthcare professionals who have already signed up.

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