More than 75 countries sign up for the Coronavirus e-learning in six days

Over 700 learners from 79 countries have signed up for eIntegrity’s free Coronavirus (COVID-19) e-Learning Programme – only a week since it was launched.

Developed by NHS England e-Learning for Healthcare (NHSE e-LfH) and the UK’s medical royal colleges, the programme has been made available free of charge to help health and care professionals respond to the global pandemic.

From Japan through to Sudan, Romania, Spain, Australia and the United States, the e-learning is now being used across all main continents.

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) e-Learning Programme is packed with essential information on many different topics – from infection control through to personal protective equipment, resources for staff returning to the workforce, and mental wellbeing. This includes new and curated content developed by NHSE e-LfH and its programme partners.

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Patrick Mitchell, Chair of eIntegrity, said: “This is a fantastic response in the few days since the programme was launched. We are delighted that learners from so many countries have already registered for the programme – which has been made available entirely free of charge to healthcare professionals around the world.

“New content is being added regularly. We hope that healthcare professionals will continue to spread the word about this first-class e-learning resource.”

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