Image Interpretation elearning in South Africa

The Image Interpretation programme is now used by radiographers and other healthcare practitioners in 15 countries around the globe.

In recent news, radiography students at the Nelson Mandela University in South Africa have been using this programme to support their learning. Here, Riaan van de Venter, Associate Lecturer from the university’s Department of Radiography, explains how this has worked.

Why did the university purchase Image Interpretation?

Riaan van de Venter: In South Africa, radiography education has undergone a transformation and we have moved from the National Diploma and Bachelor of Technology degrees to new four-year professional degrees.

We have a fourth-year elective module called Advanced Pattern Recognition. I was looking for a programme that could supplement student learning on this topic and provide a blended-learning approach. The eIntegrity programme is the only one that addresses all the learning aspects in the Advanced Pattern Recognition module. However, the eIntegrity programme is also relevant for other modules in the degree programme.

How is Image Interpretation being used – is this purely for training?

Riaan van de Venter: The Image Interpretation programme is used by undergraduate students taking the Bachelor of Radiography in Diagnostics degree programme. Our staff also use the elearning for CPD.

What feedback have you received from students?

Riaan van de Venter: The programme has been well received. Many students find this a great resource as it is interactive and dynamic rather than just static. The students also like being able to access the programme anytime, anywhere.

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