Anaesthesia eLibrary Course

Our online anaesthesia course, the award-winning elearning Anaesthesia (e-LA), continues to be our most popular healthcare elearning course – with 10s of thousands of anaesthetists learning around the world.

This popularity is in no small part thanks to e-LA’s comprehensiveness. e-LA has more than 800 interactive lessons, spread across 14 modules, each lesson written, reviewed, and updated by a team of 400 specialists. Those modules cover everything an anaesthetist might need to know – from the initial introduction to the concepts of anaesthesia and clinical practice, to specialist training on obstetrics, cardiac anaesthesia and neuroanaesthesia.

This makes e-LA the ideal learning resource for trainee anaesthesia practitioners preparing for exams and supporting the appraisal and revalidation of career grade anaesthetists.

For those looking to support their continuing professional development in anaesthesia, and to provide a bite-size, curated overview of key anaesthesiology concepts, there’s the Anesthesia eLibrary.

As with the full e-LA course, this online training has been developed in the UK by NHS England and the Royal College of Anaesthetists. Ensuring the eLibrary meets the highest medical education standards and giving you access to a wide selection of full-text journal articles, each mapped to the curriculum for specialist training in anaesthesia.

Plus, the eLibrary contains a self-assessment module of Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs) from Continuing Education in Anaesthesia, Critical Care and Pain (CEACCP) – supplementing the learning experience and underpinning your knowledge and understanding.

The MCQs are accredited by the Royal College of Anaesthetists for CPD in the UK, with a score of 80% earning a pass. On successful completion you’ll be able to download a certificate showing your username, date, score achieved and number of CPD points that can be credited. You can then print or upload the certificate as evidence of performance into a user’s portfolio.

The Anesthesia eLibrary represents an unrivalled source of background reading and study materials for CPD, and is available now to anaesthetists around the world, only from eIntegrity.