A doctor holding a glowing digital globe in their hands, symbolizing global healthcare and medical technology advancements.

The Faculty of Sexual Reproductive Healthcare (FSRH) are evolving a global community of sexual and reproductive healthcare professionals so that, together, they can achieve better sexual and reproductive healthcare for all. 

In partnership with leading sexual and reproductive health clinicians and educators, they have created a new education programme for healthcare professionals living and working outside the UK – SRH International.  

SRH International offers on-demand learning resources to support, develop and assess knowledge on providing sexual and reproductive healthcare, as well as membership to a global community of practitioners. 

Their resources are used by thousands of UK-based NHS healthcare professionals and have been reviewed by clinicians working internationally to ensure the relevance and value to those working in a variety of healthcare settings and locations. 

Dr Nicola Morgan and Dr Chelsea Morroni, Co-Chairs International Committee conclude: 

FSRH are excited to launch this interactive resource to help improve access to learning in SRH and quality of care internationally“. 

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