Members of the European Society of Anaesthesiology (ESA) can now enjoy access to eIntegrity’s e-Learning Anaesthesia (e-LA) programme at a specially discounted rate.

special offer for e learning anaesthesia

ESA is the leading European organisation for critical care, pain and perioperative medicine. It strives to deliver continuous improvements in patient care and safety by strengthening education and training, stimulating research and fostering a culture of innovative in the field of anaesthesiology.

ESA members can now access the award-winning e-LA programme at a special rate alongside a raft of other membership benefits.

e-LA supports specialty anaesthesia training and continuing professional development for doctors, nurses and other anaesthesia practitioners. The content includes 800 highly interactive learning sessions, alongside a comprehensive e-library of journal articles and questions that match the standard of the UK postgraduate anaesthesia examinations.

special offer for e learning anaesthesia

Learners can choose from various options, including the fundamentals programme, which is specifically designed for trainees. This covers introductory material, consolidating practice, science and examination preparation modules and sample examination questions. Alternatively, the full programme includes modules relevant to specialist practice, such as obstetrics, ophthalmology, neuro anaesthesia and many other areas. Learners can also purchase the modules individually.

Developed in the UK by the Royal College of Anaesthetists and NHS England, e-LA has been complied by 400 authors and editors who regularly review and update the content to reflect the latest best practice.

For further details about the programme, see our e-LA programme page.

ESA members can access e-LA at the discounted rate via the academy’s website.