Statutory and mandatory training for healthcare professionals is now available through eIntegrity. Private healthcare providers can benefit from significant discounts on bulk purchases.

The Statutory and Mandatory training programme, which has been developed by NHS England e-Learning for Healthcare (e-LfH), covers 10 core topics that all practitioners in the health and social care sectors need to cover in their training. These topics have been defined in the UK Core Skills Training Framework, which sets out national learning outcomes and training delivery standards for healthcare workers. All private healthcare employers in the UK are responsible for ensuring that their staff complete this training in some form.

The topics include:

  • safeguarding children and adults
  • conflict resolution
  • fire safety
  • equality, diversity and human rights
  • health, safety and welfare
  • infection prevention and control
  • moving and handling
  • preventing radicalisation
  • resuscitation
  • data security (information governance)

The quality-assured content is arranged into short, interactive learning sessions which include case studies, scenarios and self-assessments. Each session takes around 20 minutes to complete. Since the content is available online, busy healthcare professionals can study at home, in work or even on the move – fitting the training around their commitments.

Private healthcare employers can also track staff progress and report on compliance for regulatory inspections. 

NHSE e-LfH has worked with a range of subject-matter experts to develop the programme.

Please note: this programme is available free of charge to NHS staff.

You can find details on the e-Learning for Healthcare website.

You can register for the programme on our website.