The e-Dementia programme has undergone a comprehensive review to reflect the latest research and policy updates in the field.

The revised programme, which is suitable for all health and social care workers, focuses on the social and emotional issues affecting people living with dementia and their family members.

The learning content is packed with interactive features, such as video interviews, case studies and reflective questions. Learners are encouraged to explore dementia from the perspective of those directly affected by the condition and understand the many challenges they face – such as the frustrations of memory loss.

The content has been developed by leading researchers in applied dementia studies from the University of Bradford. The university was awarded The Queen’s Anniversary Prize 2015 for its outstanding work in this field.

Professor Murna Downs, who led the e-Dementia programme review at the University of Bradford, said: “With an ageing population and growing recognition of dementia, the need for high-quality learning on effective ways to support people living with the condition has never been greater.

“The new modules enable practitioners to gain a better understanding of dementia and the importance of person-centred care.

“We hope that the programme will contribute to excellence in dementia care across both the health and social care professions.”

The new dementia programme directly addresses the UK Prime Minister’s Challenge on Dementia 2020 and the National Dementia Strategy, which both aim to improve standards in care across the health and social care sectors. However, the themes are relevant to healthcare professionals globally.

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