Comprehensive coverage of the theoretical knowledge behind basic echo and lung ultrasound

The ICE-BLU project teaches the theoretical knowledge behind basic echo and lung ultrasound in the intensive care patient. The sessions are interactive and contain echocardiography videos to demonstrate teaching points. Teaching includes the physics of ultrasound, anatomy and basic views, left and right ventricular function, life-threatening pathologies, basic lung ultrasound and some of the limitations and pitfalls that may be encountered. The intended audience is intensive care and acute medicine doctors, anaesthetists and clinicians interested in assessment of the critically ill patient.

The sessions are mapped to the Focused Intensive Care Echo curriculum but the whole module is suitable for anyone intending to undertake a hands-on training course or as a refresher of the knowledge previously acquired in this area. There is a final MCQ session, which will allow the production of a Continuous Professional Development certificate for those who have completed the eight sessions.

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