Intensive Care Medicine Course

Intensive Care Medicine Course

This comprehensive online intensive care medicine course covers the knowledge and skills needed for a successful career in intensive care medicine (ICM).

This course has been developed in the UK by the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine.

The elearning is suitable for a wide range of healthcare professionals working in critical care around the world, including doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and pharmacists.

Online Critical Care Course

Written by clinicians for clinicians globally

You can choose from over 500 elearning sessions written by leading subject-matter-experts and clinical educators in the UK.

e-ICM, which is suitable for both trainees and fully qualified practitioners, features dedicated ICM sessions and relevant material from our award-winning anaesthesia, acute medicine, surgery, radiology and end-of-life care programmes.

There is an introductory pathway covering key concepts and terminology relating to critical care, which is ideal for doctors, nurses and critical care practitioners.

Another pathway covers hard-to-reach areas of the curriculum that are sometimes challenging to address due to limited clinical exposure.

e-ICM gives you access to a wide range of material from a single knowledge source – saving you time and money.

The quality-assured content is mapped to the UK’s ICM curriculum and COBATRICE – an international programme designed to harmonise ICM training in Europe and other world regions.

It includes 3D clinical diagrams, photographs and multiple-choice questions.

These questions, which are linked to articles from the British Journal of Anaesthesia, help to embed learning and understanding on the complex principles involved.

Course Content