The College of Paramedics

The College of Paramedics is the recognised professional body for all paramedics in the UK, whose role is to promote and develop the paramedic profession across England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Established in 2001, the College has over 22,000 members.

College of ParamedicsThe College of Paramedics

The College of Paramedics provides advice to members and student members alike and is a source of information and guidance for those who are considering becoming a paramedic.

The College of Paramedics supports the paramedic profession through publication of a wide range of documents that underpin the profession, including undergraduate and post graduate curriculum guidance, practice education guidance and a post graduate career framework. We represent our members in all matters affecting their clinical practice, have a strategic role in shaping research policy and activity, and support our members to achieve the highest standards of professionalism and patient care.

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Paramedic Course

This online paramedics course is suitable for qualified paramedics, trainees, community first responders, healthcare assistants and all those involved in pre-hospital care.

£40.00 Excludes VAT where applicable.

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