Dentistry Course

Dentistry Course

The e-Den dentistry course covers the knowledge and skills needed to be a competent, caring dental practitioner.

High-Quality Training for Dentists Globally

Over 300 dentistry training sessions, you can explore all aspects of the dental curriculum, from patient assessment through to periodontal disease and teeth restoration.

You can gain experience in assessing, diagnosing and managing all kinds of dental issues and enhance your softer skills, such as communicating with patients.

e-Den is ideal for dentistry training but it is also an excellent course for qualified dentists, dental hygienists, nurses, technicians and dental assistants globally.

Enhance Your Skills With Our Interactive Dentistry Training

The dental training sessions are packed with images, animations and questions, which help to foster deeper learning and understanding.

The learning content has been written in the UK by leading dental professionals. It has been produced by the Faculty of Dental Surgery, of the Royal College of Surgeons of England, and NHS England elearning for Healthcare.

Easy Online Course Access

The e-Den dental course is available via the Internet so you can study anytime, anywhere and fit the training around your busy life.

In January 2018, the General Dental Council (GDC) introduced the Enhanced CPD Scheme for dentists, and dental care professionals joined the scheme in August 2018. e-Den sessions can be counted as verifiable CPD for the Enhanced CPD scheme

Once you have completed an e-Den module, you must first generate a course completion certificate from the eIntegrity Hub (frequently asked questions).  Then complete the relevant e-Den module Enhanced CPD form, making reference to the course completion certificate.

Both the relevant e-Den module Enhanced CPD form and the accompanying eIntegrity Hub course completion certificate should be kept as evidence in your records to demonstrate you have completed verifiable CPD, should the GDC request it.

You can download the relevant module Enhanced CPD forms from the e-learning resources section at the bottom of the programme page Dental Course & Training for Dentists Online : eIntegrity eLearning.

Enhanced CPD Form

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Welcome to the e-Den part of the eIntegrity website. My name is Professor Paul Brunton and I’m the clinical lead for e-Den.

e-Den was developed in partnership with the Royal College of Surgeons of England, specifically The Faculty of Dental Surgery, and provides over 250 sessions of elearning.

You can learn at your own pace, and the programme includes formative assessments with feedback to test your understanding of the content as you progress through the course.

Do have a look around the website, I’m sure you’ll find it very interesting. You’ll also find details of how to register and I do hope you choose to join us.

Course Content

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