Interactive e-learning on genomics is launched

Published: Monday, 18 September 2017

The new Genomics programme, which is suitable for a broad range of healthcare professionals, features three online sessions – ‘Introduction to Bioinformatics’, ‘Sample Processing and DNA Extraction’ and ‘100,000 Genomes Project: Preparing for the Consent Conversation’.

Genomics trainingDeveloped by Health Education England's (HEE) Genomics Education Programme, the content features many interactive elements, such as videos and animations. This includes interviews with clinical scientists, pathologists and bioinformatitians, who share their insights on genome sequencing, bioinformatics and the significance of the 100,000 genomes project.

GEP Scientific Director, Anneke Seller, said: “Advances in genomics are moving at a very rapid rate globally. Genomic developments within cancer diagnosis and treatment, rare diseases, infectious diseases and pharmacogenomics all have the potential to impact in a significant way on a range of healthcare settings.

"So, it is vital that healthcare professionals understand the latest developments and how they can be integrated into patient care.”

Genomics 1HEE is responsible for the training and education of all staff working in the UK National Health Service. The e-learning is part of HEE’s wider Genomics Education Programme to equip the healthcare workforce with the knowledge, skills and experience needed to remain at the forefront of the field. 

A key part of this strategy is to make this high-calibre e-learning available to healthcare professionals worldwide. It is planned to expand this e-learning programme – with further learning sessions due to be added later this year.

Genomics 2In the longer term, HEE may also provide access to a new Master’s Degree in Genomic Medicine in conjunction with 10 universities – with full- and part-time courses or modules available for professional development. New postgraduate learning in genetic counselling, molecular pathology and bioinformatics will also be launched.

For further information, please visit HEE’s website.

You can register for the Genomics programme on the eIntegrity website.