Latest Image Interpretation updates

Our highly popular Image Interpretation programme continues to expand and develop – with several key developments so far this year.

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Seven new e-learning sessions on CT Colonography have recently been added. These sessions have been developed by Stephen Wilson and Rachael Bilton, both consultant radiographers within the UK National Health Service.

Rachel said: “These sessions are really useful tools for those looking for an introduction to CT Colonography and also those looking to develop their knowledge and skills from the practical aspects to image review.”

Earlier this year, the Image Interpretation team also added resources specifically aimed at diagnostic radiographers for the COVID-19 pandemic.

These resources cover a wide range of issues such as radiographic practice during the pandemic, risk management and evaluating potential COVID-19 cases. The e-learning also includes links to helpful journal articles covering best practice for radiographers during the pandemic.

To date, the Image Interpretation programme has been used by nearly 12,000 eIntegrity learners in more than 50 countries.

Lyndsey Callion, Project Lead for Image Interpretation, said: “These developments are all part of our ongoing work to ensure that Image Interpretation reflects the very latest best practice for radiographers and other allied healthcare professionals.

“We are thrilled that the programme is being used in so many countries around the world – which is testament to the hard work of our whole team in keeping the content up to date, accessible and relevant.”

For further details about Image Interpretation, please see our programme page.