Doctor getting patient ready for ct scan

Our internationally-acclaimed Image Interpretation programme continues to go from strength to strength – with some significant developments in recent months.

These latest developments include:

  • six new cardiac imaging sessions
  • four new MRI sessions (on foot, ankle, wrist and hand)
  • an accessory projections session
  • newly updated learning sessions for ‘Plain X-rays of the Adult Chest’, ‘Paediatric Axial and Appendicular Skeleton’, ‘Obstetric Ultrasound’ and ‘Gynaecological Ultrasound’
  • new multiple-choice quizzes for the Paediatric Skeleton sessions
  • technical updates for mobile and tablet compatibility

The changes have been made to expand the sessions, update the content in line with the latest healthcare guidance and replace the radiographs with digital versions.

Dorothy Keane, Clinical Lead for the programme, said: “Technology developments in medical imaging move at a very rapid pace and it’s vital that our e-learning reflects these changes and the latest clinical practice.

“We review the content continually and we are adding to the sessions regularly. Some modules now include multiple-choice quizzes, which give learners a quick recap on the key themes – with instant feedback.”

Launched in 2009, the Image Interpretation programme helps radiographers and other healthcare professionals to expand their skills and knowledge on a wide range of imaging technologies. It has been developed by the UK College of Radiographers and formally endorsed for continuing professional development (CPD) as part of the college’s ‘CPD Now’ Scheme.

The Image Interpretation programme is now used by individual learners, healthcare organisations and professional bodies in 10 countries, including the UK, US, Nigeria, Greece, New Zealand and Finland.

For further information, please visit the Image Interpretation programme page.

To see the benefits of this e-learning first hand, you can also complete some sample learning sessions entirely free of charge via this programme page.