Endoscopy at the hospital Doctor holding endoscope before gastroscopy Medical examination

Endoscopists can now access new high-quality e-learning thanks to eIntegrity.

The Endoscopy e-Learning Programme covers all the core knowledge and skills needed to work safely and effectively in endoscopy. Learners can access sessions on a wide range of themes, from performing an examination through to safe sedation, risks, complications and patient-centred care.

Gastrointestinal (GI) endoscopy plays a vital role in the diagnosis of many conditions, including life-threatening illnesses. The demand for endoscopy is increasing globally due to the emphasis on early and more accurate diagnosis of conditions, a higher uptake of screening and increased patient expectations.[1] For this reason, there is a real demand for high-quality training and learning in this area. The Endoscopy e-Learning Programme helps to address that need.

The programme has been spearheaded by the Joint Advisory Group on GI Endoscopy, the main body which oversees endoscopy practice in the UK. It has been endorsed by the Royal College of Physicians.

The content has a strong practical focus – with many videos showing various endoscopic procedures and techniques, as well as images such as CT scans and cross-sectional diagrams to help illustrate key points.

The programme is available online so learners can work through the sessions at their own pace – fitting the training around their busy lives. It is also highly interactive and visual – helping learners to understand the practical aspects involved in endoscopy.

The content has been written by practising clinicians – many of whom work as trainers in the endoscopy field. The Endoscopy e-learning is primarily aimed at trainees, but it is also a useful resource for continuing professional development.

This e-learning programme offers the perfect complement to face-to-face training and textbook learning.

Importantly, the content has been developed by leading specialists in the UK. So, as a learner, you can benefit from the UK’s investment in world-leading training resources.

For further details, please see our programme page.

[1] NHS figures for the UK but this is also relevant on a global scale.