• e-HIV-STI: specialist training in sexual health and HIV
    e-HIV-STI: specialist training in sexual health and HIV
    e-HIV-STI: specialist training in sexual health and HIV
    • Suitable for clinicians, nurses, pharmacists and health advisors
    • Features high-quality, interactive content with case studies, videos and questions
    • Comprises some 140 e-learning sessions covering all aspects of sexual health and HIV
Sexual Health and HIV E-learning Course

Interactive e-learning on sexual health and HIV

e-Learning for Sexual Health and HIV (eHIV-STI) provides a single knowledge source for healthcare professionals treating and supporting people with sexually transmitted infections. It has been developed by the British Association for Sexual Health and HIV, the UK Federation of the Royal Colleges of Physicians and Health Education England e-Learning for Healthcare.

Training on sexual health matters

During the programme, you can complete 140 interactive learning sessions that cover the whole UK sexual health and HIV specialist medical training curriculum. The content is relevant to a wide range of healthcare professionals, including clinicians, nurses, pharmacists and health advisors.

You can study a range of topics from HIV testing and management through to genital infestations, viral hepatitis, sexual assault, and bacterial/viral sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Interactive elements, such as case studies, self-assessment exercises, video clips and a picture library, help to reinforce your learning on key themes.

eHIV-STI is available anywhere, at any time via the Internet. You can therefore study at your own pace and fit the training around your busy working life.

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Course Content

The e-learning sessions are clustered into discrete modules. The programme is arranged into three levels (introductory, advanced and specialist) so that learning can be appropriately structured.

The following gives a list of all the course modules:

  • Approach to Patient
  • Pathology
  • Bacterial Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and Related Conditions
  • Genital Ulcer Disease
  • HPV Infection
  • Genital Infestations
  • Viral Hepatitis
  • Sexual Assault/Abuse and Medico-legal Issues
  • Pregnancy and Children/HIV Special Circumstances
  • Vaginal Discharge, Vulvitis and Balanitis
  • HIV Testing and Prophylaxis
  • Specific Assessment and Management of HIV
  • Assessment and Management of Opportunistic HIV Infections
  • System-specific, HIV-associated Conditions
  • HIV-associated Malignancies
  • Public Health
  • Gynaecology for Genito-urinary Medicine


Below is a session from eHIV-STI which, in common with all eHIV-STI sessions, has been written by subject specialists. It demonstrates how the e-learning works, how multimedia features such as animation support learning, and how you can assess your knowledge.

The Presentation of Infectious Hepatitis

This sessions describes the basic approach to be taken with someone with infectious hepatitis: the history, the examination and baseline investigations.


The sessions turned out to be highly instructional and covered an area which is usually poorly covered in clinical training, so it should be a great resource.
eHIV-STI session editor

eHIV-STI is an essential knowledge framework written by senior clinicians and it provides flexible learning to fit in with busy working schedules. Furthermore, the e-learning can be supplemented in day-to-day practice to reinforce the skills and attitudes necessary for delivering a first-class patient service
Jackie Sherrard, eHIV-STI Clinical Lead


Single-user access to the eHIV-STI e-learning programme for 12 months can be purchased in several ways:

  • Access to the full eHIV-STI programme costs £185.00. You may also pay by monthly or quarterly subscription.
  • Access to Level 1 sessions (required for the BASHH STIF theory course) costs £50.00
  • Access to the HIV programme only costs £90.00
  • Access to the STI programme only costs £145.00. You may also pay by monthly or quarterly subscription.

All prices exclude VAT where applicable.

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