• Research, Audit and Quality Improvement: skills training
    Research and Audit: skills training for healthcare professionals
    Research, Audit and Quality Improvement: skills training
    • Relevant to all healthcare staff involved in research and audit
    • Covers a range of topics involving research, audit and quality improvement
    • Developed in the UK and suitable for healthcare professionals globally
Research, Audit and Quality Improvement E-learning Course

e-learning for health professionals involved in research, audit and quality improvement

This programme is relevant to all healthcare professionals involved in research, audit and quality improvement.  This e-learning is arranged into two modules:

Research and audit skills training

The first module, entitled Research and Audit Core Knowledge, helps you to improve your interpretation of healthcare data, such as clinical trials, reviews and audits, and to respond appropriately. It also provides an excellent foundation if you are contemplating a research or audit project.

Links are included to further specialised sources, such as NHS Evidence.

Quality improvement training

The second module, entitled Perioperative Improvement Science and Management (PRISM-ed), has been produced by anaesthetists and experts in the field. 

PRISM-ed, which is based on the Improvement Science curriculum from the Royal College of Anaesthetists, outlines key resources required to deliver quality improvements within healthcare. Although the material is designed for doctors, it is relevant and accessible to all healthcare professionals.

PRISM-ed builds on the QI web resource, funded by the University College London Hospitals/National Institute for Health Research.

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Course Content

Module 1 Research and Audit

  • Epidemiology: Basic Principles
  • Meta-analysis and Evidence-based Medicine
  • Audit: Basic Principles
  • Searching the Journal Literature and Locating Papers
  • How to Review a Paper
  • Formulating and Writing a Research Proposal
  • The Regulatory Environment for Conducting Research within the NHS – Research Governance and Ethics
  • Designing a Randomized Controlled Trial: Basis Principles
  • Clinical Studies Part One: Cohort Studies and Measures of Association
  • Clinical Studies Part Two: Study Design
  • Systematic Reviews
  • Qualitative Research: Basic Principles

Module 2 Perioperative Improvement Science and Management (PRISM-ed)

  • Introduction to Improvement Science
  • Systems
  • Process
  • Learning from Industry and Other Improvement Models
  • Measurement for QI
  • Human Factors
  • Reliability and Sustainability
  • Psychology of Improvement


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