• ICE-BLU: bedside echocardiography and lung ultrasound
    ICE-BLU: bedside echocardiography and lung ultrasound
    ICE-BLU: bedside echocardiography and lung ultrasound
    • Covers all theoretical aspects of cardiac echo and lung ultrasound
    • Supports the management of critically ill patients at the bedside
    • Features interactive content, with videos and self-assessment
ICU/Echo Ultrasound E-learning Course

An essential course in echocardiography and lung ultrasound

ICE-BLU covers the theoretical knowledge required to undertake cardiac echo and lung ultrasound. It is suitable for intensive care and acute medicine practitioners, anaesthetists and other clinicians who care for critically ill patients.

ICE-BLU is structured around the UK’s Focused Intensive Care Echocardiography (FICE) curriculum and accreditation scheme but it is relevant to anyone with an interest in bedside echo.

The e-learning sessions cover a variety of themes such as the physics of ultrasound, anatomy and basic views, life-threatening pathologies and basic lung ultrasound.

During the programme, you'll use various interactive features such as echocardiography videos and self-assessment exercises, which help to reinforce learning and understanding. Successful completion of the final MCQ test generates a formal certificate.

The learning materials have been written and peer-reviewed by practising cardiac anaesthetists and intensivists, so you can rest assured that the content is of the highest quality.

The content is suitable both for training and continuing professional development. You can use the e-learning to prepare for hands-on courses or as a refresher to consolidate your existing knowledge and understanding.

ICE-BLU is available via the Internet so you can study in the workplace, at home or even on the move.

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Course Content

This e-learning package features nine e-learning sessions, as outlined below. Each session takes around 30 minutes to complete.

  • Which patients benefit from basic echo?
  • Physics of ultrasound and image optimisation
  • Anatomy and basic views
  • Left ventricular function
  • Right ventricular function
  • Pathology
  • Basic lung ultrasound
  • Limitations and pitfalls
  • ICE-BLU summative MCQ


Below you will find a sample session which explains the anatomy of the heart and lungs related to ultrasound imaging.

Anatomy and Basic Views

This session looks at basic anatomy of the heart and lungs plus the relationship of this anatomy to the position of the ultrasound probe on the chest. The four basic transthoracic echocardiography (TTE or 'echo') windows and basic lung ultrasound views will be covered.


Learning a new skill can be a major challenge for an experienced consultant. Attending courses helps of course but what I really needed was a straightforward and accessible training package at my fingertips. The ICE-BLU package delivers that perfectly for me.
Dr Gary Masterson, Consultant in Critical Care Medicine and Anaesthesia

Developed by clinical experts in the UK, these interactive programmes deliver exceptionally high-quality training for anaesthesia, critical care and pain management specialists. This can only help to improve the quality and safety of patient care.
Dr Julia Moore OBE FRCA, Consultant Anaesthetist


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