Dentistry E-learning Course

e-Den delivers better informed, better trained dentists, which ultimately leads to improved patient care.

Fatima Bulbulia
Faculty of Dental Surgery, Royal College of Surgeons of England

e-Den | A high-quality dental course

Dentistry healthcare e-learning course
  • High-quality learning for both dental trainees and qualified practitioners
  • Covers all aspects of the UK dental training curriculum but relevant to practitioners globally
  • Highly interactive learning, with photos, animations and questions

Interactive online training for dentists

e-Den covers the knowledge and skills needed to be a competent, caring dental practitioner. 

High-quality learning for dentists globally

over 300 learning sessions, you can explore all aspects of the dental curriculum, from patient assessment through to periodontal disease and teeth restoration. You can gain experience in assessing, diagnosing and managing all kinds of dental issues and enhance your softer skills, such as communicating with patients.

e-Den is ideal for dentistry training but it is also an excellent course for qualified dentists, dental hygienists, nurses, technicians and dental assistants globally.

Enhance your skills with interactive exercises

The sessions are packed with images, animations and questions, which help to foster deeper learning and understanding. 

The learning content has been written in the UK by leading dental professionals. It has been produced by the Faculty of Dental Surgery, of the Royal College of Surgeons of England, and Health Education England e-Learning for Healthcare.

Easy online access

e-Den is available via the Internet so you can study anytime, anywhere and fit the training around your busy life.

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