Clinical imaging elearning has immediate impact on learners’ work

Completing online clinical imaging training had an immediate impact on their work and boosted the confidence of clinical imaging professionals, a new study reports.

The finding come from a survey carried out by the clinical imaging team at NHS England’s elearning for health. They asked learners who had recently completed one or more sessions from our Clinical Imaging elearning programme about their experiences, with three-quarters of respondents saying they immediately applied what they had learnt.

The survey drew responses from clinical imaging professionals from around the world – drawing responses from Nigeria, Ethiopia, Pakistan and the UK – in a wide range of roles – including diagnostic radiographers, sonographers, radiologists, university lecturer, and MRI leads – and from a variety of specialties – including general radiography, ultrasound, MRI, CT, cardiac and breast imaging.

Despite this wide range of professional backgrounds, the majority of learners (88%) felt the programme offered learning opportunities to them. This is both a reflection of the breadth of content available in the programme and the frequency with which it is updated.

Our Clinical Imagine elearning course is one of our most popular with healthcare professionals around the world. With content developed by the UK’s leading clinical specialists at the College of Radiographers, the course offers learners the chance to enhance their skills in radiography, CT, MRI and ultrasound.

Through interactive sessions, using medical images from real cases, learners can better understand the wide-ranging and complex appearances of both normal radiology images and those showing pathology.

This is in part why more than two-thirds reported that they were appropriately challenged by the material in the course, and critically, most said completing the training increased their confidence (69%).

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